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Everything is interconnected
Crossed Paths explores the interdependence of identities and the collective nature of liberation within society. Using photojournalism and storytelling, this project delves into systemic issues such as the housing crisis and climate justice in Montreal.

Through an open call on social media, we collect portraits and testimonies from BIPOC individuals, analyzing systemic barriers to formulate relevant recommendations for concrete change.
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Research axis
The project focuses on two main themes: the housing crisis and climate justice.

By using facts and testimonies, we aim to change perceptions, behaviours, and social policies, inspiring collective action and promoting a more equitable Montreal.
Housing crisis

The housing crisis in Montreal disproportionately affects women, individuals of diverse gender identities, and racialized communities, a situation exacerbated by the pandemic (RCLALQ, 2020; La presse, 2023). These groups often face systemic barriers such as racial and gender discrimination, which limit their access to affordable and quality housing. This crisis is also driven by rising rents and real estate speculation, putting increased pressure on already vulnerable populations.

Climate justice

Climate justice in Montreal shows that environmental racism disproportionately affects marginalized communities. In certain high-precarity neighbourhoods in Montreal, racialized citizens have reduced access to green spaces and lower air quality (McGill, 2022). These areas suffer more from pollution and urban heat islands, worsening health issues. The underlying causes include residential segregation and a lack of investment in environmental infrastructure.

The purpose of this project

These visual stories and testimonies are designed to reveal not only the difficulties faced by certain communities but also their resilience and struggles for fundamental rights like housing and a healthy environment.

By presenting these stories, "Crossed Paths" hopes to spark dialogue and raise awareness that will lead to concrete actions for improving living conditions and environmental justice in Montreal.