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Je suis Montréal is a platform that aims to challenge the dominant understanding of Montreal and Quebec identity in order to give a sense of belonging to all Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (QTBIPOC) regardless of their color, language, culture, orientation, gender, and religion. Our goal is to bring forward those who have been historically excluded and often forgotten through art projects, discussions, and panels on themes such as social inclusion, engagement, identity, and belonging. We believe that art can be used as soft power to change our cultural and social fabric.

This project was first initiated by 5 young Montrealers, Katelyn Thomas, Jonathan Rajarson, Rébecca Joachim, Camille George, and Taïna Mueth, under the mentorship of the RISE program of the organization Apathy is Boring.

We are a small team of young QTBIPOC who are passionate about their community.
We have an interest in shaping projects that will have a significant and sustainable impact.
We seek to do projects for the community and with the community.
We recognize that we are on unceded territory and respect the Kanien’kehà:ka as traditional custodians of the island and its waters.
We recognize the presence of certain barriers to engagement and want to promote accessibility to involvement.
We believe in the importance of civic participation in shaping a city that meets our needs.
We hope to create a sense of belonging among Montreal’s QTBIPOC to their city.
We want to raise awareness in the population of Montreal about the erasure of the QTBIPOC’s history and the issues they face.
An ethical and artistic reflection on the future we want, a vision of the world we can create according to our choices, in a perspective of coexistence with others.

Not just

organizational values,

but personal values.

At Je suis Montréal, we advocate values that inspire us as a society to live our collective power as…





Art as a medium for social change

It is known globally and historically that art takes a large place in worldview, culture, and thus politics. At Je suis Montréal we take this to heart and use our artistic and creative skills to create visibility and inspire an intellectual social movement. By telling stories through art, we contribute to culture and consequently to shaping civic and political life. Art can provide the space for dialogue and democratize the sharing of knowledge through discussion.

In recognizing culture as a referential point, we have a responsibility not to create absence or misrepresentation, as dominant narratives too often do. Indeed, historical erasure due to white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, gender binaries, colonialism, and ableism is a form of violence, and we wish to construct a narrative imagining different forms of liberation and empowerment through art.

Recognition of our privileges and duties

It is important as individuals to recognize our privileges and how the systems in place may favor us due to the intersection of our identities. At Je Suis Montréal, we are aware that we work and live on the unceded territory of Tiohtiá:ke and that the past and present history of Canada and Quebec perpetuates systemic barriers to First Nations, Inuit and Métis people through neo-colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, Eurocentrism, and white supremacy. 

As a predominantly non-indigenous team, we also benefit from certain systems of oppression in place, so we are committed to using our privilege to achieve a shared liberation of all QTBIPOC people and to make room for the little-heard indigenous voices and perspectives.