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We are creating the

Montreal of tomorrow,

representative of its population.


Bringing forward invisibilized communities, such as Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (QTBIPOC), in Montreal and Quebec society, due to their erasure in the dominant narrative.


To create a platform that allows QTBIPOC Montrealers, regardless of their identity, to take their rightful place in Montreal's civic and political life.


Bringing to light the history and erased narratives of the QTBIPOC in order to create bridges between the diverse communities of Montreal and thus promote open-mindedness and coexistence.

Between Past and Present

A project meant to draw attention to the erasure of BIPOC history and identity in the bigger narrative of the History of Montreal and Quebec.
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(In)Visible Minority

A glance at the systemic erasure of certain identities within the Asian community and how these individuals are influenced by concepts such as racism, gender, belonging, and identity.
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Our approach

Identifying the issue Identify the core issues in the experiences of QTBIPOC people based on their experiences, current events and local needs.
Research Understand the issues identified through the research in order to establish the basis for the projects in question.
Ideation Conceptualize a project idea based on the information gathered during the research that prioritizes the identified needs through art and storytelling.
Realization Translate all the information collected during the process into a tangible project reflecting the stories and testimonies of Montrealers.

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