An opening onto

the Montreal of tomorrow

through art


Fabrice Vil
(Pour 3 Points)
Setiz Taheri
(La Rue Inspire)
Bailey Watson
(Fusion Jeunesse)


Les Ballons Intensifs
Apathy is Boring
Taking it Global


Cathy Wong

A mindset to create game-changing initiatives
The mosaic was born from the fact that Montreal is an amalgam of different cultures and histories. Thus, we wish to show this plural side in artistic form. The bright and vivid colors serve to demonstrate that, despite the differences, when we put together the multitude of portraits, there is a creation of harmony, of a whole that does not let our disparities be seen.

Through this work, it is possible to navigate through a singular, yet a unified city. At the opening, we welcomed panelists who spoke about the importance of being involved in your community and taking your place as a racialized or indigenous person.


Je suis Montréal is not only a photo project, it is an opening on the other, on their reality and on the issues they face every day. It is a platform that allows marginalized people to share their stories. It is a “safe space”. It is our city.

On Monday, December 18, 2018, the first exhibition of Je suis Montréal, The Faces of Diversity, took place at Eastern Bloc Gallery. More than 200 people were present to discover the different portraits of young BIPOC montrealers who shared their story of belonging with their city.

Promoting youth civic participation

During the event, several organizations were invited to give the youth access to an opportunity for networking and future involvement.

More representation in the Montreal institutions

Through the mural, it was important to highlight the diversity of young montrealers and the added value they can bring to our society.

Be the change we want to see

As QTBIPOC, it is important to be role models and a representation to future generations that it is possible to take our place at the table and begin the changes we want to see.