An opening to

the Montreal of tomorrow

through art


Exhibition "Between the Past
and the Present: Forgotten Stories
of Montreal" at MEM - Montreal
Memories Centre


Exhibition "Between the Past
and the Present: Forgotten Stories
of Montreal" at WIP


Exhibition "The Faces of Diversity"
at Eastern Bloc

Gathering to Learn and Celebrate
Art has a unique ability to bring people together, educate, and serve as a vehicle for social change. Through our events, we aim to harness this transformative power of art to create spaces where dialogue can thrive and barriers can be broken down.

By showcasing works that reflect the diverse experiences and challenges faced by marginalized communities, we provide a platform for expression and reflection.
More than a project: it is the expression of our city, a place for meeting and dialogue.

Je Suis Montréal goes beyond simple photo projects to become a window open to the realities and daily challenges faced by Montrealers. Our platform offers marginalized individuals a space to share their stories, thus fostering understanding and mutual support.

Celebrating artistic diversity

Our events provide a stage where BIPOC artists have the opportunity to showcase their unique talents, share their cultural and artistic visions, thereby helping to diversify and enrich Montreal’s cultural landscape.

Encouraging civic participation

We aim to encourage civic participation by creating events that stimulate dialogue, mutual understanding, and collective action for positive social change.

Creating lasting and tangible impact

To go beyond our online presence, our events transform virtual spaces into real-life encounters, fostering lasting and tangible impacts within the community.